About us

Identify and debate the root causes of existing major socio economic and political issues that have hindered Afghanistan from taking the best advantage of unprecedented opportunities to enhance its direction towards a more inclusive economy, society and polity.
Collect, compile, dissect, assess and analyze existing literature on war torn multiethnic postcolonial and post-Soviet states, by drawing on best practices for returning to peace and share them with the people of Afghanistan across the country.
Create and facilitate multiple platforms for national and sub-national debates and dialogue on alternative and best practices for resolving social, economic and political issues, related to Afghanistan and lessons learned from similar situations by young academics and practitioners and other organized groups, both inside and outside Afghanistan.
Conduct research and training programs on issues of building peace, enhancing security and good governance that respects the full human rights of women, children, and all vulnerable groups, especially those physically and mentally affected by war and violence with the aim of empowering them in Afghanistan to engage constructively in society, economy and community self-governance.
Conduct programs in leadership, crisis and conflict management for government executives and policymakers to enable them to think and act more objectively in crisis management situations and conflict resolution.
Facilitate academic interaction, dialogue, debates and research activities between similar institutions at the national, regional and international levels.
Compile, translate into national languages and publish relevant research materials in a periodical/journal to increase access to such material among the educated youth of Afghanistan.
Promote a culture of research-based, evidence-based analysis and well-informed policy formulation, decision making and implementation in Afghanistan.