The National Center for Dialogue and Progress

Is a research and policy advocacy organization that studies critical social, political and economic development issues of Afghanistan


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Afghanistan – Challenges and Prospects

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National Center for Dialogue and Progress (NCDP) is an independent, private and not-for-profit organization based in Kabul – Afghanistan. It is founded on the premise that developing a stable democratic and pluralistic polity in war-torn multi-ethnic societies requires an informed, engaged and vibrant civil society to facilitate social, political and economic transitions toward inclusive and effective governance.
After four decades of revolutions, rebellion, turmoil and chaos Afghanistan has experienced series of dramatic top-down socio-political changes including some of the most extremist regimes. However events at the dawn of the new millennium, has offered Afghanistan another unprecedented opportunity to establish an effective – modern state.


NCDP is the chief non-partisan policy forum for tackling Afghanistan’s socio-economic and political issues through independent research, analysis and open dialogue to suggest practicable ideas for the policy community. While respecting and cherishing Islamic and cultural traditions of our people, the Center focuses on promoting fair, inclusive, just, prosperous, modern and progressive state and society.


The NCDP seeks to be the leading institution for in-depth research, analysis and dialogue addressing Afghanistan’s national needs for seeking solutions to its pressing current socio-economic and governance issues.


Progress is the process of gradually improving or getting nearer to achieving a goal, Progress also means to move over a period of time to a stronger, more advanced, or more desirable state. Thus, Progress is both the goal itself and the process to achieve the goal. The notion is beautifully captured by the great philosopher and poet Jalaluddin Balkhi/Rumi the relentless pursuit of the human soul.


Security is one of the most concerns in all war-ravaged societies and as such a fundamental concern to the people of Afghanistan who have suffered four decades of continuous violence and mayhem due to international military interventions, proxy wars and internecine warfare of jihadi groups as well as the Taliban, Al Qaeda, ISK and other extremists.


Dialogue, as the most fundamental building block of social cohesion, is taken for granted in stable and peaceful societies. A dialogue’s ability to exchange different points of view, bring parties closer together with increasing likelihood of agreement among them is what has allowed collective political interest to form and societies to flourish Afghan Society has been hit hard in this regard.


Addressing Peace is a long-term and complex task because drivers of conflict are wide-ranging. They are historical current, visible and hidden. Action must occur at the local community, National, Regional, and international levels in order to confront all drivers of instability. Peacebuilding is an enabler – of development, security, social and economic justice, and reconciliation.

Grand Opening of NCDP

The National Center for Dialogue and Progress (NCDP) is a research and policy advocacy organization that studies critical social, political and economic development issues of Afghanistan. The Center is an active platform for academic dialogue of best and brightest scholars and experts whose work will inform and guide our activities and help resolve the nation’s public policy disputes with non-partisan and relevant research and analysis.


National Center for Dialogue (NCDP) Media Section is broadcasting the highlight of the center activities and programs. It is also a place we share our future goals through pictures, and what areas our scope of works are. Our media section is also visualizing our achievements and our center them. 

Event Reports

Kabul Talk Series

Second Session 

October 2, 2019

On 2nd of October, 2019 the National Center for Dialogue and Progress (NCDP) in cooperation with the Afghanistan Center at Kabul University (ACKU) and American Institute of Afghanistan Studies (AIAS) organized the Second Session of Kabul Talk Series.

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